Barbecue fruit & chocolate parcels

This is more an idea than a recipe, and like all good barbecue foods, once you’ve done the preparation, just sit back and enjoy party.


  • summer fruits and chocolate


  1. Make a large bowl of chunky fruit salad using firm summer fruits - pineapple, mango, peaches, nectarines, strawberries, even grapes and orange segments if you like, but not apples or pears as they will brown too quickly.
  2. Get a large square sheet of foil (about 14-inch square) for each person you are expecting to feed. Put a generous pile of fruit on each square and top with some chopped or broken chocolate pieces (dark, milk, white or a mixture). Bring up opposite sides of the parcel and fold over loosely, then bring up the other sides and seal by folding over again, making sure there is still some air inside the parcel, and that all seams are towards the top.
  3. Five minutes before you're ready for pudding, place the parcels on the still warm (though not blazing) barbecue. Serve each on a plate or bowl - you can eat straight out of the parcel. Warm but still crunchy, with gorgeous gooey fruity chocolatey juices swilling about. Heaven. You really don't need anything with this, but cream, ice cream or creme fraiche wouldn't spoil it by any means. Perhaps a small meringue or two? It's up to you.


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