Kuhn Rikon’s Colori range

Just opened a Kuhn Rikon delivery to discover a knife-loving girlie-girl’s dream. Purple gingham paring knives! Who on earth thought of that? Give them a hug and a large slice of Battenberg.

Although I adore the re-mortgage-your-house Wüsthof Classic knives, really you can’t beat Kuhn Rikon’s Colori range for affordable practicality and cheerful good looks. They’re so pretty, and yet so very very sharp. (Maybe the Hairy Bikers could borrow one as they’re having such difficulty tracking down Gillette replacement blades.)

Also in the same delivery, a bubblegum-pink Colori ‘Sandwich Knife’ - for the size of sandwich you’ll be eating regularly when you’ve got a physically demanding life on the open road as a biker. Or down a mine. Or up a mountain. Big, anyway. Actually, the idea is it will not only slice open your ciabatta, panini, French stick or wholegrain granary loaf, it will also slice through the finished sandwich without squishing all the innards out the sides. So bread knife meets ham knife meets santoku. Also great for carving wafer thin slices of beef or chicken.

Also - here’s my top tip for the day - utterly brilliant as a cake knife for those tricky cakes that tend to collapse under the pressure of slicing - Battenberg springs uncannily to mind. Like all the Colori range, it has its own sheath for safe storage, though still not recommended to have it about your person in, say, the queue at the building society.

Posted: 27-Jul-11



I absolutely love my Kuhn Rikon veggie knife (courtesy of the Cookcraft) so can’t wait to add a new Colori sandwich knife to the drawer.

By Valerie on 27-Jul-11

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