Blogging: Trying something new

Oooo, this is my first blog entry on my newly interactive website. I’m excited and nervous in equal measure. Like the first time I made a soufflé. Hopefully the new website will rise to the occasion better than the soufflé did. Or at very least be easier to clean up afterwards should it all go horribly wrong.

The idea for this blog is simply to give me another outlet to chat about cookware and cooking. I have lots of lovely customers who visit the shop and share experiences - successes and failures are all equally good as learning tools (though failures are often funnier). What I personally took away from the soufflé debacle is this: it’s never a good idea to simultaneously trip over the dog, yell at a small boy, slam the oven door and be on a tighter time frame than is strictly compatible with delicate cooking. Interestingly I did know this fact about meringues, having had a similar experience with the same set of conditions - although a different small boy - when attempting Pavlova last Easter. But I forgot when I started that soufflé and meringues - and mayonnaise too, come to think of it - are all about gently persuading egg into doing the right thing at the right time. And egg is surprisingly obstinate for something so versatile in the kitchen. I will have to wait for all the small boys to grow up and move out before I attempt anything more sophisticated than scrambled eggs again.

Posted: 27-Jul-11


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