Battenberg - an impossibly fiddly cake

I do like a bit of telly for promoting products. Five months after it first aired, I’m still selling Battenberg tins on the back of the Hairy Bikers’ Mums Know Best TV series. In case you’ve missed the concept (I mean the programme, not the Battenberg cake), it’s a winning formula where two large blokes, without the price of a razor between them, travel round the country on oversized scooters and cajole innocent women into feeding them home-baking. Earlier in the year they focused their curiously engaging boyish enthusiasm on Silverwood’s purpose-built Battenberg tin. Anyone who’s ever tried to make it knows perfectly well that the Battenberg is an impossibly fiddly cake, and hardly worth the effort of even buying it from the shops, unless you’re hopelessly addicted to pink sponge and marzipan in chequerboard formation. And yet, Silverwood’s is such a superb tin, now it’s in the public domain everyone wants a go. I think I’ll try it with chocolate and coffee sponge mix and blackcurrant jam. It may end up looking like a sepia photo of a Battenberg. It may even end up looking like a sepia photo of a demolition site. But nothing ventured…Meanwhile, check out the recipe pages for the correct Battenberg protocol.

Posted: 27-Jul-11


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