Juggling Chef

Posted: 08-Dec-11

Lateral thinking for sweaty soup

A great idea for using cooking liners on top of your food, rather than underneath

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Posted: 01-Nov-11

Tackling the apple mountain

Get equipped for possibly the most boring job of the year

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Posted: 02-Sep-11

Steel pans to make your heart race

French de Buyer puts the oo-la-la in frying and mmmm in Mineral

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Posted: 22-Aug-11

Women multitask, utensils sometimes don’t

Garlic press/nutcracker mix up ends in tears

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Posted: 18-Aug-11

Peeler gives birth to shop

Quest for perfect peeler ends with Cookcraft

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Posted: 02-Aug-11

Home baking is rising (thank goodness)!

So says Mintel's Home Baking report

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